OEM & Rebranding

We have taken 3 approaches to help our clients in OEM and rebranding engagement.

  • Firstly, we help our client perform thorough market research. Once we have finalised the product design and features, we will develop the product under our client branding.
  • Second, in the event that our client product series need a better functioning product, we will also help them perform comprehensive R&D, develop and add the product to their series.
  • Lastly, focus on improving our in-house brand DeTitan. We have worked extensively with our clients and understand they want some products at good quality and competitive pricing. Thus, we have our in-house brand DeTitan to meet their demands. Our in-house brand system is designed by our in-house skillful team. We source our product parts from various countries ranging from US, China, Korea and Europe. We assemble those parts locally. Thus, we are able to provide products and systems that are more long-lasting and help our customers achieve guaranteed cost efficiency.