We cover the entire spectrum of Municipal and Industrial Chlorination Systems. Our chlorination system can work in both online and offline mode.

As an essential step in delivering safe drinking water and protecting public health, while working closely with government agencies for continuous engagements, we have implemented the chlorination process to destroy disease-causing organisms in water. Chlorination treatment process has proven effective in eliminating slime bacteria, molds and algae that commonly grow in water supply areas, especially on the walls of water mains and in storage tanks.

We have proven track records developing cutting edge chlorination systems for Glove Factories and General Industries to ensure stable supply of chlorinated water circulating for their operations. Our chlorinated water is adhered to the industry regulated concentration.

Over 10 valuable years working in the Chlorination Industry, we have developed patented chlorination system designs and incorporated latest technologies in all our solutions provided to our clients. Rest assured that all chlorination systems are fully automated and come with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)



1. Chlorine Gas Ejector System
Chlorine Gas Evaporator System (2)
Chlorine Gas Evaporator System
1. Chlorine Gas Evaporator System
Chlorine Gas Manifold
Chlorine Gas Room Manifold System
Fully Auto Gas Room System