We strive to be a leading water, wastewater, speciality products and chemical solutions specialist for the industrial clients and governments. We have expanded our global footprint in Asia Pacific, especially to Thailand beyond our home country, Malaysia.

Government Agencies such as Jabatan Bekalan Air and Municipal

There are 2 key offerings that we support the government agencies.

Water treatment for residential households

Ever wonder how you get your clean and good quality drinking water every day? We are proud that we have contributed our expertise in ensuring a stable and sustainable water supply for residential households.

Water treatment to be discharged to drain responsibly

Direct discharge of untreated sewage or sanitary wastewater causes serious river pollution which might affect the quality of our living environment. Thus, we help the government agencies in treating the water to be disposed off to the drains that comply with the Department of Environment (DOE) requirement. Thus, we see ourselves as a key player in ensuring the environment is always clean, healthy and safe for the well-being of the people.

Industrial customers such as Glove Industry, Water Treatment Plant, Marine, Oil & Gas, Building Services, Palm Oil, F&B, Paint, General Industry

Reuse and recycle water for operation

Glove industry today consumes a high quantity of water which is now known as a depleting resource in Malaysia. Besides glove companies, semiconductor company operation could also account for as much as 40% of ultrapure water consumption in many highly complex and delicate processes that are involved in their factories.

Thus, it is essential that our expertise is able to help our industrial clients in reducing their water footprint, lowering their operating costs and improving their operational sustainability. So, they can operate smoothly anytime without disruption from drought or water supply rationing.

Our industrial water reuse and recycling process includes treating wastewater produced from one source so that they can be reused in the same process or recycled for another process. Some potential opportunities for wastewater reuse and recycle in an industrial plant may include general wastewater recycling, cooling tower blowdown, boiler blowdown, RO reject, Ion exchange rinse waters and collecting rain waters.

All our water treatment systems are fully automated (SCADA). We can bring our professional team onsite to help build your system design and fabrication work and help you save the hassle of travelling to our site. We have four types of offerings for our water treatment systems depending on the size that fits your business requirement.

  • Water Treatment Skid (Small and portable)
  • Container Type
    • Suitable for container delivery as it can be located in space constraint place
    • Easy mobility
    • Achieve space saving and efficiency
    • Suit the purpose for exporting to other countries
  • Package Plant (Medium)
  • On-site Water Treatment Plant
Drinking Water Standard
Rapid Sand Filter
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